A top Ethereum developer ‘will no longer respond’ on social media

Maybe it was a humble comparison but his followers on major social media platforms took the other side of the argument. Afri Schoedon, a top Ethereum developer, found himself on the receiving end.

The top Ethereum developer tweeted:

Until further notice, you can reach me via might-not-reply@5chdn.co, on Telegram using changing handles, and on parity’s Riot/Github. I will no longer respond on Gitter, Skype, Discord, Slack, Wire, Twitter, and Reddit

This implies that the top Ethereum developer will not be engaging the public on the mentioned platforms. His fellow developers came to his rescue accusing the Ethereum community of driving a negative discussion based on “the dumbest reasons.”

Schoedon’s woes started on Valentines day when he pitted Serenity, an Ethereum scaling solution, against Polkadot, a protocol built to enable communication between blockchains. Although it was a humble comparison, he seemingly portrayed Polkadot more positively that Ethereum’s Serenity.

Since the top Ethereum developer has links to the two projects, the Ethereum community was quick to point out that the developer has a conflict of interest.

A Twitter user said:

It occurred back to me that there is an obvious conflict of interest in your position, (even if rightfully) delaying Ethereum, but working for Polkadot. In light of that, this tweet boasting Polkadot’s progress and criticizing Ethereum’s speed seems particularly unfortunate.

Yaz Khoury, Director, Developer Relations, Ethereum Classic Cooperative, also criticized the actions taken by the Ethereum community against Schoedon. The developer has since pulled down all his tweets dating back from mid-2017.

However, since he announced his unfortunate departure from social media platforms, Afri has been receiving support from a section of the Ethereum community.

Do you think the criticism befalling the top Ethereum developer is an indication of how a crypto community can turn from being supportive to destructive?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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