Cryptocurrency Airdrops planned for April 2022


Blockchain projects and start-ups have been on the rise within the crypto space and a few have been trying the airdrops possibility cryptocurrencies have to offer to give users.

For cryptocurrency holders and enthusiasts willing to try this type of new free token distribution model, it is possible to check out the list below for some great Airdrops.

Windhan Energy

This company is a Blockchain based company with a platform that is designed to trade and have crowdfunding for renewable energy implementation. This token is an ERC-20 based token to be used on the platform by green energy producers and consumers in order to buy and sell green energy.

At first, you will be required to go on Windhan Energy’s website and begin chatting with the Airdrop bot after completing a human captcha. For every step that the user makes to add themselves to the companies social media pages, they will also receive tokens.

Users will then be required to send their ERC-20 wallet address to the bot on the website and will receive 100 WHN tokens in return. A user can also add themselves to the referral program to receive Airdrops and earn another 5 WHN token for every added member.


This will be the second round for VeCap‘s smart home security project which will be connected to IoT devices via the blockchain through a smart contract.

The platform aims to provide home security for users by linking all smart devices through a decentralised network that is powered by the Blockchain.

Anyone can register for an account on the Airdrop page from the dashboard and complete the tasks required in order to get 505 VC tokens in rewards.

Aussie Digital

This company is focused on creating an all-in-one e-commerce platform that will feature new Online Markets, Cryptocurrency trading, B2B portals along with other services.

This new ecosystem that is being introduced is an Amazon like store that is based on the Blockchain technology with B2B trading option platforms with social media integration.

Go to the Aussie Digital website and register your email and click on the Airdrop option to complete a form. After this you will be required to join the company’s social media pages. Then submit the form with your completed details and you can receive up to 10,000 AUD tokens.

TOR-X Network

This TOR-X Network is a new blockchain that is designed to facilitate decentralised exchanges in order to provide cross-chain interactions and trades.

The platform is planning on creating a web-based dApp that will be used on a different public blockchain. These dApps will be allowing users to be able to transfer funds after validating it from different chains or networks. TOR-X’s API engine will be easily integrated into the wallets, browser extensions and payment gateways.

Those who will like to participate in TOR-X will have to head to TOR-X website for its Airdrops and log in with their user’s email addresses. After verification, they will receive TOR-X tokens in return.

The company has tried to make the KYC process fun by making users chat with their Telegram bots.

Follow the company’s social media pages to also earn some tokens on each completion. There will reportedly be up to 450 TOR-X tokens to be given to those who complete all the social tasks, for each referral to receive extra tokens.

The Amplify Exchange

Amplify exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange which focuses on fiat to crypto trading. This exchange is based on the Substratum ecosystem that will serve as a decentralised internet.

All users of the cryptocurrency will be able to interact with the market while making and spending their funds.

In order to participate in the tokens Airdrop, users can go to the Amplify exchange website, create an account with their e-mails and wait until it is verified.

KYC procedures are also required on the platform after launch, and will be receiving 500 AMPX tokens in their accounts after the deposits. Users will also be able to receive extra tokens after the referral programs provided.


This Digitex futures exchange will be holding another airdrop for its Q2 public launch soon. Digitex exchange will be a trading platform that exchanges US dollars for Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin.

All buy and sell orders will be instantaneously made via an intuitive trading interface with live bids.

In order to participate, you will need to enter the Digitex Website and click on the Get Early Access and send your e-mail address. After that the website will send you to complete a few task on the website.

The first 10 users will be rewarded with up to 100,000 DGTX tokens and the top 11 to 5000 users will be receiving 1,000 DGTX tokens. Referral programs will also be available for users in order to gain extra DGTX tokens.

The Havaex platform

This platform is for the exchanging of cryptocurrencies and derivatives, which is based in Hong Kong and is one of the most advanced crypto futures exchanges.

The platform is focused on bringing a new way of professional trading to the blockchain ecosystem with digital assets exchanging. Haveax has a wide range of crypto futures list and high speed trading and transactions.

Individuals interested can go to the website and create accounts with the required information that is given after email verification. Joining the platforms social media platform will also gain you extra tokens through referrals.

The Aerum platform

Aerum is a new Blockchain project that aims to focused on scalability and free transactions while being highly compatible with Ethereum blockchain features.

The Aerum blockchain is striving to create an all-inclusive infrastructure for its future dApp applications and deployment, while offering free and fast transactions. The Aerum will be doing a great Airdrops this month for all users and holders of the tokens.

What are your thoughts on these Airdrops that will be making its way into the crypto circulation this month? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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