Ethereum developers hold a title as the most active

The focus is on Ethereum and Bitcoin

According to new reports, there are currently more developers working on improving the Ethereum protocol than any other cryptocurrency blockchain.

The analysis was published by digital asset management firm Electric Capital, in which it noted that there were more than 20,000 code repositories. Data gathered from Github also stated that about 216 Blockchain developers submitted source codes to the Ethereum repositories on a monthly basis.

There is reportedly even more individuals developing for the Ethereum Blockchain, even though some projects went unmentioned in the ecosystem.

Bitcoin which is currently the most dominant cryptocurrency on the planet also has a very large number of developers working to improve its base protocol along with the Lightning Network.

The estimated number of developers currently working on the Ethereum protocol supersedes that of Bitcoin. However, there is an average of 50 developers contributing to the Bitcoin Core codebase each month according to data coming from Electric Capital.

The number of Bitcoin developers may have been undercounted as the various ecosystem projects were not taken into account. These additions are important as it relates directly to upgrading Bitcoin’s base layer protocol.

Ethereum is by far the most active however, with 99 monthly developers on average joining the network. While the Bitcoin core protocol has about 47 contributors per month to the Bitcoin codebase.

The Developing blockchain ecosystem

Reports show that a significant number of developers are working on other cryptocurrency networks such as Cardano(ADA), Tron (RX), EOS. Each of these blockchains have more than 25 developers making tremendous contributions to the respective core protocols each month.

Despite the crypto winter and many crypto prices falling by 80% from their all-time highs, the total number of active blockchain developers has steadily been increasing by more than 4% on average.

The reports revealed that the developers have been actively working to make public blockchain networks double in the past two years. There are currently more than 4,000 developers each month that has submitted new source code to over 2,800 digital asset projects.

Crypto and blockchain development is for the individual

Also, the report did not clarify the findings of private crypto projects which developers and upcoming developers are working on. This includes some of the best contributions to layer-two solutions like payment solutions “Lightning Network” and “Raiden” protocols.

Also, projects are being abandoned by developers mostly from forks of high valued network coins such as the Litecoin (LTC) Blockchain, which is also in need of developers and the Dogecoin Blockchain.

However, reports suggest that these Blockchains are heading for a huge boost and there is enormous potential in these platforms though active developers on the Litecoin protocol has dropped from around 40 to only three per month.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Diamond , which are both forks from Bitcoin, have received contributions from just five developers since October of 2018.

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