Finally: Ripple’s XRP on Coinbase pro for inbound transfers

In an official blog post put out today by Coinbase, the American based cryptocurrency exchange will be accepting inbound transfers of XRP on Coinbase pro starting today.

According to the blog post, once sufficient supply of XRP on Coinbase pro is established, full trading will commence with trading pairs such as XRP/USD, XRP/EUR and XRP/BTC.

Trading of XRP on Coinbase pro will be first accessible in the United States (excluding New York), the UK, the European Union, Canada, Singapore and Australia. They also hope to add additional juridictions in the coming days ahead.

However, this is not yet the big news many have been expecting as this avialability is only on Coinbase Pro and not The cryptocurrency exchange will notify users when the addition will be done to

Nevertheless, this is one step further to Ripple being supported on Coinbase and this move makes it more of a reality.

Rumours of Coinbase supporting XRP has in the past seen Ripple (XRP) soar in price. In fact, many believe the rise in the price of XRP in 2017 was for the most part caused by speculations of Coinbase adding XRP to its list of supported coins.

With this announcement, it’s no longer a matter of IF but its now a matter of WHEN will the addition be taking place for the world number 3 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

The blog post also outlines a 4 stage process before XRP will finally be added on

This includes;

Transfer only: This makes it possible for XRP users to transfer XRP to Coinbase pro though they cannot make any orders yet.

Post only: At the second stage, Coinbase users will be able to place limited XRP orders with no matches on the exchange.

Limit only: At the third stage, the limited orders will be matched but Coinbase users won’t be able to submit market orders.

Full trading: In the final stage, Coinbase users will be able to access full trading service which includes limit orders, market orders and stop orders.

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