Messari’s CEO reportedly harrased by the XRP community after some overvaluation claims

An observation made by Messari’s CEO has purportedly rubbed the XRP community the wrong way leading to some unkind words over the phone.

Messari is a firm specializing in the analysis of cryptocurrencies. Three days ago, the CEO, Ryan Selkis, released a report indicating that XRP’s market capitalization may be inflated by more than six million U.S dollars.

XRP’s liquid ‘circulating supply’ and ‘market cap’ could be overstated by 48%, which would put total XRP ‘market cap’ at $6.9 billion vs. $13.0 billion widely reported at current USD-XRP exchange rate…We acknowledge that some of the estimates in this report lack precision, but believe they are directionally correct and presented in good faith. We look forward to Ripple’s response, and will update this report accordingly if and when they do reply.

Selkis’s reportedly based the in-depth analysis on data available on crypto platforms including third parties.

Instead of the response that the CEO anticipated he would get, the XRP community came guns blazing with presumably life-threatening calls.

In a tweet, Ryan said:

Someone just called me from a Nashville number and recited my wife’s birthday to me, then hung up. @bgarlinghouse these are the type of animals you and your [****] company enable.

The CEO claimed to have received additional calls after which he indicated he will be seeking the intervention of the FBI.

In a separate tweet, Ryan mentioned top executives at Ripple asking them to leave his family alone.

I want @Ripple @bgarlinghouse @MonicaLongSF @CoryTV @JoelKatz @warpaul to denounce any $xrp community threats against my family. I’m going to the FBI and local police after THREE calls. Ensuring our family doesn’t get swatted. I’m not going home until it’s publicly stated.

Later, he followed it with another tweet indicating that the XRP community may not at all be behind the threatening calls saying that it is most likely a “punk kid.”

Do you think the XRP community had a reason to react to Selkis’s report?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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