QuadrigaCX mystery intensifies after cold wallet found empty

QuadrigaCX mystery intensifies after one of the cold wallets has been found empty.

After the death of the CEO of the exchange, Ernst & Young was put in charge in order to track and investigate QuadrigaCX, once Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

An initial report found the exchange used 6 cold wallets to store Bitcoins, 5 of which have 104 bitcoins (about $400,000) and the 6th has no coins stored in it, though 31 bitcoins (about $118,000) were transferred from it a day before Cotten’s death.

According to EY “[Sixth wallet] appears to have been used to receive Bitcoin from another cryptocurrency exchange account and subsequently transfer Bitcoin to the Quadriga hot wallet,”

However, EY’s report also point to the fact that since April 2008, there has been no further activity or deposits to the wallet.

“To date, the Applicants have been unable to identify a reason why Quadriga may have stopped using the Identified Bitcoin Cold Wallets for deposits in April 2018, however, the Monitor and Management will continue to review the Quadriga database to obtain further information.”

To make QuadrigaCX mystery even more suspicious, several other (14) addresses were found and is assumed to have been created outside the Quadriga process.

“…the Identified Accounts were internally created without a corresponding customer and used to trade on the Quadriga platform. [EY] was further advised that deposits into certain of the Identified Accounts may have been artificially created and subsequently used for trading on the Quadriga platform.”

The QuadrigaCX mystery intensifies even further after one of the victims reported he asked for a withdrawal in October 2018 but never heard back from the exchange.

Could this QuadrigaCX mystery be a well worked out plan? At this stage, it’s not easy to come to a conclusion but if within the coming weeks, EY can’t finds any traces of the other missing coins, then it will be more likely there was some form of foul play unless the coins are being stored on other exchanges.

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