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Why foreigners are looking for Russian wives? Answer is in a personality

Russia is a very diverse country and that also applies to women from Russia. Russian women differ from region to region in other traditions, ways of life and mentality. However, all women from Russia have a strong bond with the family in common. The family is very important in a chaotic country like Russia and is the only security of a Russian woman. From this it can be determined that women from Russia also have these special characteristics in Germany. Here, too, they are looking for a family. They are very warm, loving, loyal and uncomplicated — people who appreciate a family. However, Russian women are also good conversation partners. They are funny, charming and love to flirt. Women from Russia are often not valued highly, which is why they appreciate a nice and respectful way of dealing with them. Women from Russia like to party and love to travel with others. So you know how to build and care for a family, but also how to enjoy life.

How To Find A Wife There?

But now to the essential and actual topic of the article, what exactly does the psyche of women from Russia look like? After the brief outline of the personality of a Russian woman, we now want to delve into the psyche of Russian women in detail. Now you will get to know the mentality and character traits that will bring you an advantage in women Russia.

Family values for Russian girl

Russian women are kind and loyal

Women from Russia are people to whom the family is close and important. In Russia, tradition and family life are still very important. Even as a little girl, Russian women are taught how important family cohesion is. This also results from the historical change that Russia has been through and even in modern Russia there is no good social system, which means that one family has to take care of the other. From this one can conclude that Russian women are dear and loyal, because the family cohesion is important to them and this is an important characteristic of their mentality. So marrying a Russian woman is not a bad idea if you want to start a family.

When dealing with people, you should make sure that you convey that you are a family man who is ready to start your own family and can take care of it. Here it is worth talking about the fact that you yourself want to have children and have wanted to start a family for a long time, but you are only looking for the right woman. You should also think about how you would like to imagine family life in advance. This question will be asked quite surely and then it is good to have a suitable answer ready.

First date – some life hacks

The first date is approaching. Do your thoughts keep spinning around the meeting, does your pulse increase? We have made a small emergency program with which you can cope with the fear of a first date, and also feel safe when you first get to know each other.

The excitement intensifies

First date, what needs to be done in advance? If there is a lot of excitement before the first date, it helps to get distracted. What is your favorite music? Put it in your player and turn it on! Songs that inspire you and make you feel good fit. Sing along? Wild dances? All is allowed! Result: the mood rises, and the excitement subsides — guaranteed!

Well saturated

At first this may not seem very romantic, but it really helps to tame the inner tension: think about a few interesting questions for your first date. Make funny jokes for possible breaks in the conversation. It makes you feel safer and pervades you from excessive embarrassment. If the evening is not going as planned, prepare a plan B in advance so you can leave at any time, for example, a friend who will call you after the agreed time.

Get friends on board goodbye

Who says you have to deal with your nervousness alone? Call one of your loved ones. Talk, have fun together about your condition — and strengthen your back. Informing friends and family about the date not only reduces anxiety, but also ensures security. Organize a call back at a specific time so that the person you trust knows that everything is in order. The main thing here — do not forget the charged mobile phone!

Neutral earth

Meet on the first date “on neutral ground,” for example, in a busy public place or in a place where you know very well and feel safe. Do not take from home and do not take home if you feel uncomfortable during a meeting.

First date, what to do? Inhale, exhale …

It sounds like a banality, but it actually works right away: just take a deep breath. You like to close your eyes and just concentrate on it. For several minutes, consciously exhale twice as long as you inhale. Ideally, you should inhale through your nose and exhale through a slightly open mouth. Like this simple exercise, it is very comforting. Also, applied during the first meeting.

Experts call this “positive visualization”: imagine your first date in the most advanced version. Everything works like clockwork, you react charmingly, you are confident and just relaxed. Such dreams immeasurably calm and remove a lot of fear. However, keep common sense! Take care of yourself and do not allow yourself to do what you would not do in other dating situations.

I am what I am …

Of course, you are excited. Of course, you want to be well-received and loved. But be careful: it’s wise to show your best side. But puzzle over what awaits a different, wrong approach. Do not bother with the beauty ideals that you are trying to read from the contact profile. Such a thing likes to lead to completely absurd considerations. Example: do you wear glasses and really feel comfortable with them? Then wear them on your first date. Do you also have contact lenses and also like to wear them outdoors? Then you have a choice. But do not buy additional contact lenses because you have heard that glasses are not sexy. In the end, almost everyone agrees, namely, 99 percent: subtleties in front of attractive stucco … “Elegant, but not too”, therefore, according to the overwhelming majority of women (72 percent), the first appearance should be canceled. There is a gender difference: only every second man (53 percent) follows this motto. They also tend to agree more than women, with the statement that you should feel comfortable in your clothes (32 percent versus 23 percent).

Off to the comfort zone

Whether clothes, jewelry or make-up: orient yourself on the first date primarily on the feel-good factor. Because: Anyone who feels uncomfortable, narrowed down or insecure in their appearance radiates exactly that. Such signals can be misinterpreted — and taken personally. So: no pellwurst tops in which you pull in your stomach all evening, no shirt with the buttons already on and no new pants that you squeeze into with your shoehorn. Which is why we don’t want to suggest putting on your cozy jogging suit! Just think about what makes you feel attractive and at home. Even so, 6 percent of the men would still dress up — in relation to the sluggish 1 percent of women. Even less hip: to get new clothes for the first date. 99 percent of all respondents find it completely unnecessary to invest money in an outfit that impresses men or women for the first encounter. The message so far: Less is more!

First date tips for men: get advice!

What do women want? Men like to be unsure about appropriate and type-appropriate fashion choices. Don’t be afraid to ask good friends or close colleagues what you look wonderful on your first date. It may be that you are still attached to your beloved denim suit even at the age of 48. But it can also be that someone should tell you very urgently that you are simply “selling” yourself completely wrong. So: asking helps!

Interim conclusion: the first impression counts!

Whether jeans or jacket, blouse or blazer — in the end it is less a question of packaging than content, whether you can convince on the first date. And this — exactly: you! — should always be well-groomed and appealing. Almost half — namely 45 percent of those surveyed — are happy to forego the second date if their appointment has already left an unkempt first impression. Provided that you are not completely off the mark in terms of fashion, it mainly arises from the “authenticity” that reveals your appearance. How attractive you are to each other will never be a question of the sweater color or the perfect styling. Of course, the effort you have made counts, because it tells your counterpart that his pleasure is valuable to you. So think about it, put on something nice and do without work clothes and a sloppy look. But always try to stay yourself. Then it can’t go wrong …

“First date, where?” — when it comes to the first meeting, most are prone — unfortunately — to the standard program. Almost 70 percent are found in a cafe, pub, bar or restaurant. In addition to this classic, there are many more unusual ideas for getting to know each other! Surprise you with a special location on your first date from the following offers:

1. Paradise on earth.

Why in the planetarium? The night sky offers breathtaking views every night for free! Whether you want to admire the full moon or interpret the constellations together (works great with the application!): There are wonderful places for this (almost) everywhere. Ideal in the city: a star fall on the roof. How to spend a romantic evening for two. In the fall, of course, a blanket and hot tea in a thermos (or good red wine) are included …

2. Test drive to happiness on a first date

Are you driving an old Audi, but would like to offer something special to your chosen one? “Test drive” together in your (or yours?) Dream Machine is an exciting experience for which you both need only a small acting talent. And it doesn’t hurt to get closer if you act in a couple of minutes with a car dealer …

3. Tasty watches

Just try something together at the first meeting (c): in wineries or breweries you can easily find out if you have the same taste — literally. It offers interesting tours, during which you can safely try delicious drops.

4. First date, what to do? Get out of the blue!

Embark on an adventure trip together — to your city! Bet you have angles that you (and your companion) have never been? Just let your date spontaneously decide which tram or bus you choose — and you have an unusual “visiting object” on your sleeve for each district: an enchanted courtyard, a fun tea shop, a bench with a beautiful view. If you feel that you want to open a new path on your first date, you can even meet in a (neighboring) city that none of you know. Even if the spark should not jump at the end, such a day remains unforgettable for both of you.

5. Treasure Hunt

Walking, discovering, communicating — this is great for first dates at flea markets. You will be amazed at how quickly there is something to talk about when you find funny, ugly or nostalgic finds together. For those who like to experience all their feelings, a walk through the weekly market is a delightful experience. The conversation arises automatically from cheese samples and bread tasting.

6. The first meeting: a night trip

A real thrill that not only creates a pleasant tension in children: wandering through the deserted streets at a late hour and whispering to conquer the night together. Very courageous armored with blankets — and relax in the park. Perhaps on the first date there will even be a kiss.

7. Blow of fresh air

Mother nature gives space to breathe deeply, at best even truly romantic moments on a first date. In summer and winter. Walking along lakes, rivers, canals (or maybe even the sea?) Is especially suitable: water magically attracts most people. It is easier to get to parks and botanical gardens, and armed with a picnic basket, you can convince yourself that you can imagine in a green meadow. Or what about co-harvesting in the garden for pickers? If you want, you can process the selected fruits together …

8. First date and little adventures

What many men love and find attractive in women is their willingness to take adventurous actions. Would you like an argument? According to research in the US, people who experience exciting things together are more likely to fall in love. Whether visiting a climbing park, sailing, mountain biking or horseback riding: anyone who finds out about common sporting interests via email contact has good cards for welcome offers. You do not need to immediately start the bungee jump. Of course, a visit to the roller coaster.

9. White pleasure

Is there any snow? Time for a real winter meeting! Then you can go sledding together or skate. And if the winter with the picture book lasts a long time, there are other ideas for dates, such as indoor ski rooms. Rent your skis there — and treat yourself to a sporty start to the meeting …

What People Say About Mail-Order-Bride

In the traditional sense, a character describes the personal characteristics of a person, on the basis of which his moral behavior is based. So simple as a person ticks and why this person shows a certain behavior pattern or temperament. It is precisely these behavior patterns that have to be deciphered and learned how to deal with the temperament of a Russian woman.

Deciding is to understand that the mentality stands for the defining thinking and behavior patterns of an entire country. So briefly explained how a Russian woman was shaped by the general cultural environment in which she grew up.

Due to the characteristics of the character and mentality of Russian women, men often ask these questions:

  • Are Russian women kind and loyal?
  • Are Russian women funny?
  • Russian women often lie?
  • Russian women and their temperament?
  • Are Russian women passionate?
  • Are Russian women superficial?
  • Are Russian women more open than other women?
  • Are Russian women bitchy?
  • Are Russian women arrogant?
  • Are Russian women jealous?

Based on these questions, which are often asked when dealing with women from Russia, we will deduce what to look out for when dealing with them. We will also clarify whether these assumptions apply at all or whether they are simply incorrect assumptions.

Russian women are lying

This character trait is widespread due to misinformation and has been created by thieving groups in the area of online dating. Here gangs, often men and not Russian women, try to make their target people promise that they will send an amount of money. That women from Russia lie more than other women are not true, of course there are black sheep, but that’s just the way it is in life.

So here one can speak more of a prejudice than of a real event. However, since Russian women are often confronted with this prejudice, one should not suspect every word and every statement. This can quickly lead to her being annoyed and having no desire to get to know you anymore. Just do the opposite and give her the feeling that you fully trust her.

The temperament of Russian women

Another character trait that underlies the mentality of Russian women is their temperament. Russian women are very female and see themselves fully as women. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Russian women have a fiery temperament, they are not halfhearted, but are passionate and energetic in every situation.

This property of Russian women can be used to the effect that, like any other woman, they want to be treated as something special and unique. Russian women like to be the center of attention and want to be coveted. Therefore, your attention should also be noticed by the environment in which you are. As a result, she is the center of attention and reaps enviable recognition from other women.

Are Russian brides legal?

Yes, absolutely. Using an online dating site to find your Russian mail order bride is obviously a sensitive subject, and you don’t want to make it more awkward by encountering possible scam activity. It’s not always easy for newcomers to tell when the website is legit, but you can fully rely on our rating to know where you have a big chance of being scammed.

What kind of men do Russian brides look for?

Women from Russia enjoy life to the fullest and that includes doing everything with passion. This passion also comes to light when it comes to personal things that are important to a Russian woman. In order to better understand this passion of Russian women, it should be borne in mind that Russia is very poor in most parts. A Russian woman grew up practically on the doorstep with suffering and misery. It is therefore not surprising that you want to live out the joy every second of life and protect the important things in life. So it is neither decadent nor malignant, but results from the solid way of life in which Russians grew up. Of course, this way of living also affects the mentality and character.

What you should note here is that you are not a brake on fun. There is nothing worse for a woman from Russia than someone who spoils her fun. If she enjoys or enjoys something, share it with her. Beautiful shared experiences also create a deeper connection. You can also easily score here by being the initiator of the beautiful moments. Do not think too much about what you can do now, for Russian women it does not matter how big a gift is or how much effort you have spent on it. It is important to her to feel that you are thinking about her and you can prove this with little things.

Russian women are funny

As already discussed, Russian women love the beautiful things in life and that includes laughing and being funny. Humor is important and you know how to have fun in your life. This character trait can also be traced back to the hard life in Russia, where you are happy when you can simply enjoy life without worries.

Don’t talk about work or what’s going to be stressful in the near future. Concentrate on the positive things. A Russian woman is fully behind her husband and always strengthens his back, but first she also wants to see that you appreciate the positive things in life.

Why are Russian women jealous?

Yes, Russian women are jealous, but you cannot compare this to normal jealousy. We remember that women from Russia defend the things in life that are important to them — including your partner. You should also take a look at the image of women in Russia. Here in classical literature, Russian women are described as caring for the strong sex. They regulate things in the background so that the man can focus on important matters and on the care of the family. But this sacrifice also follows that Russian women fight for their husbands, which can quickly lead to jealousy. This point is simply part of the mentality of Russian women.

You can easily use this jealousy. Just give a Russian woman the feeling of being your goddess and that there are no other women for you. If you have a date with a Russian, just pay attention to her. Not a quick glance at other women, she will notice. Also don’t get involved in short conversations with other women. Just imagine that she is the only woman in the room and act accordingly — all other women are air.

Russian women are superficial

It is often said that women from Russia are very superficial. This is only partially true and should not be generalized. One only has to think about the environment in which Russian women grow up and what mentality has developed as a result. It’s no secret that an above-average number of good-looking women live in Russia, which puts a lot of pressure on Russian women. You always have to fight with other women for men and their recognition, if you do not pay attention to your appearance with this mass you quickly have bad cards. From this pressure to beauty a certain superficiality has arisen in Russian women, but do not project this superficiality onto your partners.

Clearly, you don’t have to be an Adonis, but you should pay attention to certain basics of your own care. Here it is rather important to have a reasonable appearance that looks neat and well-groomed. You should also pay attention to a good haircut and pay special attention to your own personal hygiene. However, Russian women do not want a top model, what is important is the character of the man and that he takes good care of her.

How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?

There are virtually no Russian bride websites that offer their services completely for free. Some sites function on a membership basis, and some make you pay for every feature you intend to use. Count on us to always tell whether the site is too expensive to use or has a fair pricing system.

Guide to Finding Your Perfect Russian Bride (tips)

Russian women are more open to new things or other people than other women. This is true and can be explained quite easily. Community cohesion is still very important, especially in rural regions, which are very common in Russia. This cohesion is also important for the survival of a community. Women from Russia are used to communicating with unknown people and are not shy about it. Why Russian women are also open to new things can in turn be explained by the fact that Russia is not a rich country and therefore Russian women are open to experiencing things. The evidence mentioned has a positive impact on the character and mentality.

It is a trait of Russian women that automatically plays into your cards. However, what you can quickly see from the psyche of a Russian woman is that she prefers men who are open-minded. On the one hand, you can only build a “community” if both partners are open to people, and on the other hand, the Russian woman can quickly get the feeling that she could miss something.

Russian women are bitchy

The question whether women from Russia are bitchy can be answered with the same arguments as with temperament. Russian women don’t do things by halves, but are always full of heart when things are important to you. It also means that a Russian woman is quickly and easily disappointed. Of course, this also has an impact on the mood in certain situations, which can quickly lead to bitches. However, it is not possible to generalize this character trait because it always depends on the particular situation.

If a Russian bitches, just let her bitch. As already mentioned, she looks completely woman and her definition of woman corresponds more to a clichéd idea. In this imagination, a woman has to be jealous and the rags fly. One should simply play along as this clichéd game. Hold against it first and then carry it on your hands to soothe it. In the end, she doesn’t really want to argue with you, just to signal that you have to take care of her. However, as a game you shouldn’t take it, you should still take it seriously and show it clearly.

Are Russian women arrogant

Russian women are certainly not uncomplicated and sometimes arrogant, but this is part of the game. A Russian woman is not really maliciously arrogant, but sees herself as a woman who is worth fighting for and who is not easy to get with a cheap saying. So the man has to come up with something to win the heart of the Russian woman, but in the end it is definitely worth it. In the mentality of Russians nothing is given for free and those who don’t fight have already lost.

A Russian woman meticulously chooses her dress for dinner at home. She does this primarily for her pleasure, but a compliment would double her pleasure.

  1. “You look stunning!” (“Prekrasno wijgljadisch” in Russian) is always appropriate praise. If, for a change, you need something more demanding to win your heart, use Russian poetry such as “A moment has been mine” by Alexander Pushkin.
  2.  Have tea with her. An easy way to show her that you care about her and to pour out your heart is during a cup of tea together. The Russians drink tea to warm up, to push themselves, to relax, to talk about important problems and to philosophize.
  3. Wash the dishes. Living with a Russian “dewuschka” (a word for a friend or any woman) can quickly spoil you, as she is used to doing most household chores on her own due to her conservative upbringing.
  4. Organize a surprise rendezvous. Russian women are romantics. Although they are practically capable of doing everything on their own, they secretly prefer to give preference to a man.
  5. Strive for perfection. Russian women are famous for being beautiful and feminine, but they can also be very demanding on themselves and consequently on their partners. At the age of thirty, they become managers, earn a second degree, start their own business. Well educated and elegant, they are looking for constant self-fulfillment, and it may not be easy to catch up.
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